The recent NBA dunk contest has served as further proof that we live in a world that operates on hype. Virtual video games and reality television shows have become our national pastime. So it should stand to reason that they would attempt to turn the Dunk contest into a 3 ring circus with gospel choirs and cars being driven into the restricted area. Is it just me or was that dunk one of the biggest duds ever performed in this competition? With all the hype surrounding rookie sensation Blake Griffin, you would have thought that he would have pulled out something a little more difficult from under the hood of that Kia. It serves to reason that the dunk went off to rave reviews. We are trapped in an all flash and no substance culture. The true stars don’t clash against each other for fear of losing or falling short on creativity. The 20 grand that Julius Erving and Darryl Dawkins would compete over in this contest, is nothing more than a bar tab on any given saturday night for the athlete of today. So we are left to watch young players with a video game mentality pulling out stunts and gimmicks instead of sheer athleticism.
Next year I guess we can expect to see elephants and juggling clowns. Why not just bring out the trampolines and do a tumbling dunking show. One gimmick is just as good as the next. Please David Stern, stop trying to create the myth that basketball needs these gimmicks to survive. The game is beautiful the way it was meant to be played. On one hand you want to fine players for showing emotion while protesting a foul call, ‘respect of the game’ I believe you refer to the rule, then on the other hand you completely disrespect the game by showcasing this mockery of a dunk contest. Stop tampering with the sport, no matter how much you try to convince us that it’s broke, we should all agree you can’t fix it by ‘faking the funk, it’s all about making the dunk’.

Written by   Mark Rossi