Soletron is proud to announce the release of their limited edition sneakerhead comic book. This 48 page, fully colored comic book is the first ever sneakerhead comic book and there are only 5,000 copies available. This is the first item in their Winter Line of the “Are you a suit or a sneakerhead campaign?  Soletron brings retail to the comic book industry in a humorous way.  The comic book highlights everything in the industry from actual sneaker shops, to brands, and key individuals.

The plot for episode one is about if Soletron can defeat the world’s richest man and the Replicator to save the sneakerhead community from fake products.  Soletron: Rise of the Sneakerhead follows the story of a child and a robot superhero named Soletron in their journey to defend creativity and individuality for the sneakerhead community. The comic features real and relevant brands such as Nike, Reebok, Skull Candy, G-Shock, Nooka, Storm of London, JLAB, as well as numerous others that are incorporated within the storyline. This limited edition comic book is available right now for purchase on the Soletron marketplace and retails at $7.99.

For orders / sponsorship inquires please email for further details.