For Baylor freshman sensation Brittney Griner, it was just another dunk. Something she is used to doing.

The 6-foot-8 Griner was pretty nonchalant when she became only the seventh woman to dunk in a college game with a one-handed slam Tuesday night in a 104-45 victory over Jacksonville State.

“Sometimes I’ll dunk, I get pumped up. Sometimes I really don’t feel the dunk. I’m real particular on my dunks,” said Griner, who dunked routinely in high school. “If I slammed it two-handed, I probably would have gotten more riled up. … I got more excited on the blocks.”

But this was the first dunk by a collegiate female since Tennessee’s Candace Parker on Feb. 3, 2008, against Kentucky. Parker had a record seven dunks in her college career, and is the only woman with two in a game – a mark that Griner appeared to have chances to match though she didn’t get a chance to attempt any more.

Griner finished with 20 points, six rebounds and eight blocked shots in 21 minutes.

Posted By: @BrookLynnDiva