On Monday they officially became the Brooklyn Nets, and they unveiled new logos and uniforms to prove it. Ditching their red-white-and-blue motif, which dates to when the team was known as the Americans, the Nets will wear black and white, a combination that is closer to the Oakland Raiders’ color scheme, which is officially silver and black. The Chicago White Sox and the San Antonio Spurs also wear black, silver and white, and the blue in the Yankees’ home uniforms is so dark that the pinstripes and logo can appear to be black.

In many cases, Brooklyn, not the Nets, gets top billing, or at least equal billing, in the team’s new logos. All of the designs, whether as part of a shield or a basketball, include a large “B,” and one design includes a circle around a basketball that has the words “Brooklyn” and “New York.” The team’s main logo is a shield – a throwback to the team’s last logo – with a basketball with a B inside and the word “Nets” on top.

The logos and uniforms were designed by Jay-Z, the hip-hop impresario who owns part of the team. The black-and-white scheme is meant to give the team a classic look that plays on the borough’s long history, as well as a sense of urban toughness.

“Our black and white colors speak to Brooklyn’s strong traditions and grittiness and convey an uncompromising confidence,” the Nets’ chief executive, Brett Yormark, said in a statement. Yormark calls the colors and logos “the new badges for Brooklyn.”

Posted By: @BrookLynnDiva