Florida’s Stand Your Ground Law has been publically scrutinized as faulty, inhumane, and the ultimate reason George Zimmerman remained free for over a month in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin. Recently a Tampa Bay Times analysis of nearly 200 cases found that 70 percent of those who used this defense went free. 

Furthermore, those who killed blacks were freed 73 percent of the time while those who killed whites were freed 59 percent of the time. Overall the study concluded that regardless of the killer’s race, if the victim was black the killer was more likely to go free.

Chip Bok of the Tampa Bay Times writes that these cases expose the law as being “inconsistently applied and too easily invoked. It has been used to exonerate drug criminals and people on violent rampages, and it has proven to be a burden to the courts. The record reflects a dangerous experiment in vigilantism and rough justice.”

Many suggest that this “Kill at Will” law is not solely about protecting oneself but gives citizens the ability to take the law into their own hands. Yet, in a nation where race permeates the very fabric of the culture, blind justice is rarely colorblind.

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