The undefeated boxer, Floyd “Money” Mayweather and his lawyers at begging the judge to ease his jail conditions. Floyd currently spends 23 hours in solitary confinement in a small cell that would drive the average person to insanity. Floyd’s lawyers and trainers are claiming that his prison living conditions are causing him to get out of shape and lessening his chances of ever returning to the ring.

An emergency notion was made to move Floyd into a regular jail setting. This option was first turned down as the judges and jail officials were afraid Floyd’s health may be at risk in this situation. The only other option is to put Floyd on house arrest for the remaining three months. Floyd’s lawyer has agreed to even have him serve his house arrest in an apartment so that it isn’t as luxurious as his fancy Vegas home.

Floyd was arrested on June 1 after pleading guilty in December to misdemeanor domestic battery and no contest to two harassment charges that stemmed from an attack on his ex-girlfriend which happened right in front of the eyes of two of their children.

Do you think Money Mayweather deserves to be let go on house arrest or should he be forced to finish out his time in solitary confinement?

Posted By: @Hak_Sim