Things got ugly yesterday in a radio interview between NBA Commissioner David Stern and radio host Jim Rome. Jim Rome reportedly asked Commissioner Stern whether or not the NBA Lottery, which granted the NBA owned New Orleans Hornets with the number 1 pick, was fixed.

Speculation has been rising amongst NBA fans and analysts about the honesty of the NBA Lottery. Jim Rome, who is known to be a problem starter, felt it was his duty to the fans of his radio show to personally ask Commissioner Stern the bold question. David Stern, insulted by the question, chose to take the conversation in a different direction and decided to take a shot at Jim Rome’s personal life. In the midst of his sentenced, David Stern interrupted Jim and asked, “Have you stopped beating your wife yet?”

Jim’s only response to the commissioner’s hurtful question, was “I don’t think that is fair.” The conversation continued but it was not long before David Stern dismissed himself from the conversation and told Jim that he had more important people to talk to.

Do you think The Commissioner was justified or did his emotions get the best of him?

Posted By: @Hak_Sim