50 Cent recently posted and deleted a long rant aimed at Power’s creator Courtney Kemp Agboh.

50 who plays Kanan on the Starz program Power, was beyond angry when he saw the final cut of Sunday’s episode which included a full frontal shot of his p*nis.

See Fiddy’s rant below and Courtney’s reply.

He starts off telling Courtney to kiss his a**.



Then complains about the fact his Auntie G can’t watch the show now!fullsizerender_1_tsom12

And he goes on!


Then he calls her a b*tch!


Courtney hits back telling 50 that he knew when he signed the waiver!screen-shot-2016-08-07-at-10-38-34-am_jr4ci1

50 is still mad…


But doesn’t stop him getting a chance to promote his EFFEN vodka!fullsizerender_5_wkl2nj

After calming down 50 Cent deletes the post and posts something a bit more respectable!!!2b13952a-4464-4036-8963-1238301411e3_qxdq0b