Rapper, actor and television producer Curtis Jackson, better known as 50 cent, is no stranger to beefs, but earlier this month he and rapper “The Game” appeared to bury the hatchet when they were spotted at Ace of Diamonds in Los Angeles in early August.

“I feel no certain way. I fuck with 50. What happened, that shit was 12 years ago, niggas ain’t on that shit… Ain’t nobody on that old shit,” The Game expressed in a video posted on Twitter that taken that night.

Although the former associates seem to have moved past their issues, 50 still can’t identify the catalyst for their ten-year feud in the first place. “I always said I didn’t understand where it came from. He explained it to me… I haven’t wished bad on him the entire time,” Jackson reiterated in a recent Real 92.3 Big Boy in the Morning interview.

The quarrel between the two recording artists began after The Game, then a ostensible member of the music label and group G-Unit, appeared to stay neutral in relation to the many beefs Jackson found himself involved in at the time, including issues with New York rap royalty Nas, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Styles P and Sheek Louch. The Jamaica Queens native took exception to this subsequently souring the relationship between the two.

Prior to the beef, the two artist collaborated on hit records such as “How We Do” and “Hate It Or Love It”, off of the Game’s critically acclaimed debut album “The Documentary”.

The beef brewing between the two has seemed to be on its last legs for some time now. Earlier this year the two were seen at the same nightclub in Hollywood. Days after Game expressed support for Effen Vodka, an alcohol brand 50 cent is affiliated with, posting on his instagram account, “I started drinking Effen Vodka and I thought this bullshit is actually amazing.”

The west coast rapper was also spotted taking a photo with G-Unit member/50 Cent comrade LLoyd Banks. So for the diehard G-Unit, durag with fitted fans, there may be an ounce of hope for a real G-Unit reunion. Something the Game dismissed earlier this year.