50 Cent Sends Threatening Message To Son Via Instagram

If anyone is a jokester its G-Unit rapper 50 Cent. Earlier this year 50 posted a countdown clock for when he stops having to pay child support to his ex Shaniqua for their 18-year old son Marquis. Pretty ridiculous right?

It all started when his estranged son posted an IG video of his Marty McFlys. 50 Cent explained to his son that he would be 20 years old soon and on his own, which erupted a huge war between 50 Cent and his baby’s mother. 50 even went on to say “Life is full of choices,some you cant take back. If you hate me why you don’t change your son’s name to tompkins. If im the problem why were you crying saying its your fault you didnt let him see his grand parents for 4 years? Im not your enemy you are. #startJOBhuntingNOw.”


From there the rapper continued the feud, “Man real life is gonna start sooner then you think,” 50 wrote of the IG, which was a countdown to Marquis’s 20th birthday. “Sad part is I wish you well, good #Shanquagetsajob”

His son responded, “Don’t worry I’ll make you proud! Just don’t forget to tell me Happy Birthday that day cause u missed a few,” It seems the two have an estranged relationship, but that doesn’t keep 50 Cent from poking fun.

If you watch the show Power on Starz network you know 50 Cent’s character Kanan kills his own son Shawn for being loyal to Ghost. Well, 50 posted a photo saying,”You a grown man now boy, what you gonna tell me you cross me because mommy said so? Fuck dat,” 50 said under a picture of a scene from Power.



His son Marquise responded by saying, “Now if something happen to me everybody knows who did it! GOOFY!”

It seems that everything was in good fun and mabye the two are building a relationship. I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.


  • Hed Furst, III

    When Fif get old they gon fight…

  • LizOrtiz

    I plead the fif lol.

  • I can’t believe I read that junk… Who care? It’s their family business…

  • Cadillac Dz

    “Level Up” THE MOVIE Trailer