ASAP Rocky Just Compared Lil Uzi Vert to One Of The Most Legendary Rappers

ASAP Rocky, you got some explaining to do! The Harlem-born, pretty-faced rapper recently sat down with Billboard magazine. During the interview, Rocky credited hip-hop newcomer Lil Uzi Vert as being just as good as hip-hop great, Lil Wayne.

ASAP Rocky was quoted as saying the following in the Billboard interview, “His style, his approach and his voice – I don’t think I’ve heard somebody as raspy since Lil Wayne.” These are some really big words and they have a lot of hip-hop aficionados talking in these music streets!


More recently, Lil Uzi Vert’s cameo on Atlanta trio Migos‘ huge hit “Bad and Boujee” has been garnering him a lot of new found fame. The single that boasts about pretty but naughty women just hit number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 taking down Rae Sremmurd who previously held the position with their huge hit “Black Beatles.” Another hip-hop single that has been taking the country by storm with the “Mannequin Challenge.”

Rapper, Lil Uzi Vert born Symere Woods who originally hails from North Philadelphia has been making a huge wave in the music world in the past months. Vert’s colorful rap lyrics and catchy punchlines set him aside from his peers for sure. His eccentric wardrobe and colorful hair also makes him stand out. However, we’re not so sure if these things factor up to the greatness that is Weezy F. Baby! He’d have to pump out all the hits that Lil Wayne has made as well as grow his hair a little longer, get a few more tattoos and then maybe this comparison can even be valid.

Still, if Lil Uzi Vert can fill just one of Lil Wayne’s shoes then he should be okay in this game of hip-hop for many years to come. Only time will be able to tell. But, for now Lil Wayne is still in a class all by himself.