Just one week after the new Apple Music deal was signed, Birdman and Cash Money have been sued for upwards of $3.3 million over unpaid sampling and songwriting credits.

The newly filed lawsuit focuses on Lil Wayne songs such as “You” and “Certified.”

In early January, Cash Money was made to pay $1.14 million in royalties for songs produced by former Cash Money artist Jay Sean dating all the way back to December 2012.36061cd3b438eca6de20982023502123

A year earlier, Lil Wayne also sued the label for $51 million, claiming that the delays placed on his album “Carter V” have cost him a large sum and that he’s owed money as a joint copyright holder of all of Young Money Entertainment recordings.

In August of 2015, Producer DVLP sued Birdman for $200,000 in unpaid royalties, and in July of that same year, David Banner sued Lil Wayne for money owed for his work on “La La” and “Pussy Monster,” both records appearing on Wayne’s hit album from 2008, Carter III.

In May of 2015, Turk sued Cash Money for more than $1 million in unpaid royalties. Birdman is preparing to debut a documentary detailing his rise to fame via Apple Music this fall, showing the mogul’s long history of trying to make it on the streets and in music industry.

The problem is it seems Birdman and Cash Money can’t handle things financially. With all the struggles, Birdman has begun to get a bad rep for himself and Cash Money.

Birdman’s spats with most of his previous artists make the fact that the record label constantly has money issues extremely believable. Whether the situation is being mishandled or Birdman just refuses to pay, these ongoing money issues aren’t a good look.

We hope that Birdman and Cash Money will get everything handled smoothly.