Last week, Birdman uploaded a promising Instagram photo featuring Baby himself alongside Larry Jackson, the mastermind behind Apple Music’s original content.

Other than captioning their collaboration as “a power move” with a bunch of big-talk hashtags, Birdman revealed no information as to what exactly the duo was planning to unveil with their Cash Money / Apple Music teamwork.

Today, Apple Music answered our questions and dreams with the trailer for Before Anythang, a documentary following Birdman’s career and the creation of the Cash Money empire, to be released on Apple Music this fall.

birdman-cash-money-biopicThe trailer features family interview tidbits, polaroids from Baby’s infancy, and outrageous facts about the Big Tymer’s life (“By the time he was 16, he had seven cars!”). It also reveals that Before Anythang will be narrated by Bryan “Birdman” Williams himself, and that he and his brother Slim executive produced the feature.

There seems to be no relation to the Cash Money biopic that Baby and Slim mentioned earlier this year. Fingers crossed that it’ll be released separately.

This marks one of the first full-length films released as an Apple Music exclusive, alongside the notable Taylor Swift 1989 Tour Documentary released at the end of last year. It’s yet another factor that is pushing the streaming service beyond the ranks of Spotify, which still lacks access to big albums like Beyoncé’s “Lemonade” and Frank Ocean’s recently released “Endless.”

As to whether the Birdman-Jackson partnership will bring about more than Before Anythang is as of yet unclear.

However, the film’s trailer suggests that if the documentary is the only outcome, fans will not be disappointed. Already, the preview has blown up the internet, and will most likely be watched by millions.

Watch the trailer here and look out for the documentary that should be out in the next few months.