Birdman Responds To Rick Ross’ Diss Track: ‘I Don’t Get Caught Up In Hoe Sh*t’

Bryan “Birdman” Williams has responded to Rick Ross’ new diss track “Idols Becomes Rivals” less than a week after its release.

The song, which is featured on Ross’ ninth studio album, “Rather You Than Me,” was deemed a diss track due to the references to Birdman’s relationships with Lil Wayne and DJ Khaled, along with recent accusations of money hoarding and pending lawsuits.


“I don’t get caught up in hoe sh-t, man,” the Cash Money CEO told Billboard Friday. “I just keep doing what I’m doing and keep pushing. I don’t get caught up in that, I don’t play like that. I’m a man and I stand my ground and I do my thing. Numbers don’t lie, and that’s all I give a f—k about: numbers, and puttin’ them up.”

Birdman’s response follows a month after Ross discussed the song with Billboard, referring to it as a message to someone he use to admire.

“It’s basically me writing a letter to someone in the game that I looked up to damn near the most and I hate what things have come to,” Rozay said at the time without revealing who it was, which shouldn’t be a surprise now.

While Lil Wayne is currently suing Cash Money over the rights to his music, he didn’t express any support for the diss track. He did, however, respond positively to a post from Ross on Instagram about their friendship, saying that it gave him motivation.


“dam big bro that msg hit me in the heart and put the motivation on automatik start,” he wrote on Twitter. “I needed that. 1 boss 2 another.”



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