Chris Bosh Makes His Baby Mama Show Him The Money In Court Battle

Chris Bosh is playing no games when it comes to his baby mother. He has demanded she show him her tax returns and give an explanation of her sources of income since 2009.

Allison Mathis and Chris Bosh have been battling in court over daughter Trinity for awhile now, and they have finally come to a settlement agreement in the custody/support case, but a civil case between the two still ensues.


Chris sued his baby mother and the Basketball Wives production company claiming that the show and his baby mother were going to infringe on his trademark and publicity rights.Allison was going to appear on the third season of the show, but Bosh demanded the show not be allowed to use his name and Allison did not do the show.

Allison counter-sued Chris Bosh saying he ruined her deal with the Basketball Wives show and accused him of lying to the show producers about her having signed a confidentiality clause.

Later the court dismissed Bosh’s lawsuit against his baby’s mother, however Allison lawsuit is still pending with Allison claiming Bosh made her lose up to $250,000 by messing up her TV deal. Allison is ordering that Bosh pay the money she lost from the deal, but Bosh says he was looking out for himself. Now the lawsuit is going to trial in the near future and both parties are preparing their case for the courtroom.

Chris Bosh is demanding Allison show all checks she was issued by Shed Media for her participation in Basketball Wives back in 2011, and he wants all copies of her tax returns for the years 2009 through 2015.


It looks like his battle could get ugly, Bosh wants all proof of Allison’s income, including pay stubs, salaries, rent, and anything else you can show.

We wish these two the best and hope they can reconcile for their child’s sake.