Denzel Washington Explains Why Black Men Have A RESPONSIBILITY To Be FATHERS (Video)

Denzel Washington continues to be a role model for young men everywhere. Recently, he was at the premiere of his new movie, Fences, when he was asked how the movie speaks to African-american men. “Pain is passed down from father to son” he replied, “A lot of pain in Troy’s life is a result of the pain and damage from his father that he then visits on his son.”

He then continued, saying, “We have to, as black men, be mindful of that. Sometimes, it’s unfair and sometimes we take it out on those we love and I’m guilty of that frustration that we all have. But we have a responsibility and a duty to be fathers, not to just make babies but to be real fathers. And you can’t expect any good to come to you if you don’t visit any good on your son or daughter. So be a man.”


This reflects on the roles he plays, both on the big screen and in real life. In the movie, he plays a former Black league baseball player struggling to come to terms with his life and provide for his family. Meanwhile, in real life, Denzel Washington is the proud father of four beautiful children.

Of course, they’re all grown up and out of the house now but that doesn’t take anything away from what he was saying. He made some very good points about fatherhood and what it means to be a real father. I’m sure he faced many hurdles in his personal life as he struggled to raise four kids including twins.

But through it all, he stuck with it and that’s what the movie is trying to say. As long as you stick with it, you are not a failure. The movie opened December 16 and has already been garnering critical acclaim due in no small part to Davis and Washington.

You can watch the video of Denzel giving words of advice on the next page.