Derrick Rose Explains Why He DISAPPEARED Last Night on the Knicks

You’ve heard of soldiers going AWOl, but this time it was a basketball player who went AWOL as the Knicks faced off against the Pelicans Monday night. Everything was going according to plan except for one little thing: Derrick Rose was nowhere to be found. He has since spoken out on social media to explain his absence from the game.

Taking to Twitter, Al Iannazzone, a journalist for newsday sports, posted, “Rose said he had a family issue yesterday. Derrick Rose said he returned to Chicago because he needed to be with his mother. Rose said he needed to get to his family. It had nothing to do with basketball. He apologized to his teammates and organization.”

He failed to elaborate on what the family issue is, but it must have been serious if it caused him to miss a game. As to why the Knicks were incapable of reaching him throughout the night, he explained that too, “Rose said he didn’t want to pick up the phone when Knicks called. He needed his “space.” He has since been fined by the NBA, but is nonetheless set to play against Philadelphia next Wednesday.

He will reportedly be in uniform for that game and, as long as he’s feeling up to it, he’ll play, as he posted, “Hornacek said if Rose is in the right mental state, he will start tomorrow in Philly.” Why Derrick didn’t tweet this himself ins’t clear at the moment, but it’s believed to be because he wasn’t in the right mental state at the time.

Hopefully, he was able to straighten out whatever issues the family was dealing with, because the team could really use him against the 76er’s. Hopefully, though, he’s learned his lesson for next time and will at least let the team know if something like this transpires again.