Did Drake Send Subliminal Shots at Tory Lanez on “Do Not Disturb?”

Rick Ross was not the only Hip-Hop artist exchanging shots this week with his new album, Drake also released his new More Life album this week and decided to use his album as a platform to take shots at some of his old friends, as well. Newcomer Canadian singer Tory Lanez was on the receiving end this past week. On Drizzy’s new song, “Do Not Disturb” he raps about Tory Lanez worshipping him behind closed doors stating:

“You overnight celebrity you one day star/I swear I told you I’m in this bitch for eternity/I am a reflection of all of your insecurities/Behind closed doors a lot of 6 God worshipping/Done talk now ‘cause there’s other shit that concerning me,” Drake offers on “Do Not Disturb.”


We all know Drizzy is the king of subliminals. He is very skilled at taking subtle shots at his foes through his slick wordplay. Tory Lanez whose real name is Daystar Peterson released his debut studio album titled I Told You back in 2016. So, we these two facts at hand, it’s no secret who Drake is coming for on this particular track.

Drake and Tory Lanez have some beef still cooking in the kitchen. More recently, Tory Lanez got at Drake in regards to his beef with Philly rapper Meek Mill claiming that when he goes to Philly, he’s good, unlike some other guys. Drake then fired back at Tory Lanez during his sold out “Summer Sixteen” Tour by stating to the crowd that “All you boys doing fake Controllas wanna be me a little?” Drake was referencing Tory Lanez summer 2016 hit “Luv.”

Not too sure where the beef between Drake and Tory Lanez stems from. However, Drake seems to be letting off a lot of steam on his new album More Life. We also see a more eclectic side of Drake as he mixes Afrobeat with UK Hip-Hop. More Life is now available for streaming.


  • Haobo Zhou

    lol pretty sure he was talking about Tory’s remix of Controlla and not LUV which wasn’t even out at that point