After a huge argument that ended with police getting involvedĀ in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Wednesday, Diddy and Cassie have reportedly broken up.

TMZ reported the couple started arguing in the car after Cassie explained to Diddy she wanted to end things with him. Diddy allegedly grabbed her phone and started scrolling through it before getting out of the car with the phone, and Cassie took off with the driver.diddy-cassie-breakup_aec3h6

From there Diddy apparently headed back to the home they share to return Cassie’s phone before leaving again.

Cassie had allegedly called her mom and told her about the phone incident, which is where the police became involved due to her mom calling the police and asking to send cops to the home.

Although Cassie already had her phone back when the cops arrived, the police still wrote up a domestic incident report about the actions of the night.

Diddy and Cassie have been dating for five years, and until recently we never saw much of their relationship publicly. Diddy had made mention of them being together recently in an interview with The Breakfast Club when the topic of his former girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez, came up.650896163gh00183-2016-essen“My woman, at the end of the day, you know, she ain’t have a problem with it. She had some questions…She had some questions but not, not…you know, Casper was there, you know what I’m saying.”

Earlier this year at the AMA’s Lopez and Diddy were seen being very close, however, he reaffirmed to everyone Cassie was his girl.

From what we’ve seen Diddy is keeping off social media during the break up, keeping to his routine, but Cassie’s recent post on Instagram is a picture of her kissing a mirror, captioned with “I made up my mind.”

We wish both of them the very best.