DMX Praises Cops Who Saved His Life In Yonkers

Back in February of this year, DMX was rushed into a hospital after he was found unconscious outside a Yonkers hotel. Police had discovered him lifeless on the ground next to a parked car, and immediately administered CPR until X’s pulse returned.

X has since returned to being fully healthy. And now, as a form of thanking the officers who saved his life, he decided to perform a free show at the Yonkers PD vs. Fire Dept. “Toughman Competition” last Friday night.


The video, obtained by TMZ, can be seen below, where DMX is shown thanking those in attendance, saying, “There’s a few officers here tonight that, on February 8th, saved my life. To go from at one point running from the police to having police save my life. True heroes. I’m not speaking from what somebody else told me or someone else opinion, this is my personal experience.”

X reportedly performed “Ruff Ryders’ Anthem” to a crowd of 2,000, who absolutely loved hearing the rap classic. While the cause of X’s scare has yet to be revealed, a witness allegedly told police that the rapper “ingested some sort of powder” before collapsing.

That night, police gave X Narcan, an opiate antidote used to quickly reverse the effects of a drug overdose, after which the legendary New York rapper became “semi-conscious.”


DMX now did his part in returning the life-saving favor. He’s helped the event raise $80,000. You can watch the video below, where X expresses enormous gratitude towards the policemen. It’s great to see X not only back on his feet and functioning the right way, but also with a more proper perspective and appreciation following the scare.

Last month, the rapper was also seen hanging out with Jay Z backstage at Beyonce’s Lemonade tour stop in New Jersey. DJ Khaled brought him, Jay Z, and Ja Rule back together for one more time. So life is definitely getting better for X.