Is he the 6 God or just another false prophet? By now all should be aware of Meek Mill accusing Drake of being a fraud and using someone else’s pen. Now we can talk about Meek’s twitter rant or Drake’s sorta kinda response but that’s not the issue. The really issue, at least in our eyes, is does it really matter if Toronto’s native son uses a ghostwriter.

It’s clearly obvious Meek and Drake are on two different ends of the spectrum when it comes to Hip Hop. Meek is from the streets and Drake isn’t. Meek states he believes in purity of Hip Hop, and was clearly offended that Drake delivered a verse that was written by Quentin Miller. Now QM, is an Atlanta based artist that collaborated with Drake on his last album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Everyone was waiting on QM’s response, but according to him, most of the album was done before he was brought in to collaborate on a few songs. He added Drake didn’t even need him on the project.

What was interesting to us is that QM didn’t even address his version of “10 Bands” which was leaked earlier this week but he did say, “I could never take credit for anything other than the few songs we worked on together.” People wanted to hear whether or not he ghostwrites for Drake yet his entire response seemed polished, and careful crafted. In actuality Miller said everything other than what he needed to say and Drake didn’t actually come out and say he doesn’t have a ghostwriter.

But that’s beside the point. Drake is very successful at what he does, even if that means rapping lyrics better than the person that initially wrote them. And Drake will stay successful for awhile and if it is true, having a ghostwriter won’t change that. People that buy Drake’s albums consider that trivial but if Drake is serious about being mentioned among the greatest, there’s no way in hell he’ll be able to claim it with another man’s pen!