Drake Will Probably Never Stop Dissing Meek Mill – Complex

It seems that Drake can never have enough “beef,” especially when it comes to a “side of” Meek Mill.



Well, it seems that though there once was confusion as to who was going to take home the trophy in the beef battle between Drake and Meek Mill, there is now a consensus on the victor. And the winner is Drizzy.

Now, Drake may be the winner, but that is not because of any sort of superior MC skills, many are saying. No, the D to the Rake is taking home the gold simply because he is relentless – The young rapper won’t quit. And now Drake appears to have the upper hand in this rapper V. rapper power play.

Though the beef was thought to have been squashed long ago, Drake brings back some heat on More Life, and he gets right back to slinging insults at his hip hop nemesis.

It didn’t take long either, as the rapper began dissing Meek on his first track, and get this – it was one of Meek’s own shots: “How you let the kid fighting ghostwriting rumors turn you to a ghost?” This was the young super star’s attempt at twisting Mill’s “Free Smoke,” and his accusation that Drake didn’t write his own lyrics.


And the barrage kept coming on Drake’s track,”Lose You,” in which the rising hip hip celeb hits Meek again: “All you did was write the book on garbage ass Rollies / Ego stroking, picture posting / Claiming that you’d do it for motivational purposes only, but you just had to show me / See I know because I study you closely, I know when somebody lying.”

Then Drake caps it all off in “Can’t Have Everything,” in which the young Canadian native reminds listeners that he was and will remain the winner of this rap battle: “Tried to serve me a cheesesteak, I gave them back a clean plate,” which of course is hitting Meek Mill where it hurts – in his hometown of Philly – and with cheese steaks no less.

Now that’s beef!