Drug Dealing Punk Gets Beat Out His Flip Flops … Dude Won’T Stop Hitting Him

We can all relate to getting beat up for not paying our drug dealer, right? Well, probably not, but it did actually happen to someone in what appears to be the great state of Georgia (although I could be way off). The video has since gone viral, racking up over 53,000 views worldwide, and the whole thing is a bit disconcerting to watch as the guys keeps hitting him.

So the video starts out normal enough with a bunch of guys just standing around having a conversation. One of the guys says, “Then why she give me money and why did everyone else give me money?” and someone responds, “She didn’t want you to fucking take her weed.” He responds, “I got a little bit of my weed back.”


He then says, “She’s scared of you, bro, and I’m her friend” to which he replies, “You should be scared too, because I’m about to hit you.” They continue conversing for a couple more seconds before some other guy comes along and he clearly doesn’t like him very much as he says, “Dude, I’m about to fuck you up. Get the fuck out of this right now.”

And then he responds, “What the fuck did I do?” He reacts by saying, “Bro, you want to get fucking sorry? You fucking owe me money and no one’s paying up. I’m about to fuck some head. I’m about to punch you in the fucking face” and, after he admits to not having any money, the interaction then devolves into a fist fight as he starts hitting him over and over.

You can see one of the guy’s flip flops fall of as he starts beating the other guy up. He says “Don’t fucking touch me, bro” and then the video ends. So let that be a lesson to you. Always repay your debts just like the Lannisters, and you won’t get hurt.