Dude Gets The Quick Hits And Body Slam To Pavement

Because we can’t go two seconds without someone getting into a scuffle in this country, some brawl occurred out on the streets today. Footage recently surfaced of a fight that broke out as some dude got a body slam into the pavement. As you can see, the fight starts between two guys who appear to be in line for something (presumably a matinee showing).

This leads to one of the guys taking his shirt off as he squares off against another guy. The fight intensifies as they start trying to beat up on each other. Eventually, a couple of guys come along and break up the fight. It’s not clear when exactly the body slam takes place, as we don’t see it transpire, but presumably it did actually happen sometime in the video.


It’s not clear what exactly caused the fight or if anyone was seriously injured in the scuffle but, just based on the footage we saw, it doesn’t look like anyone was hurt too badly in the brawl. It’s unknown whether any charges will be pressed against the other by either parties, but so far it doesn’t look like anyone is going to court anytime soon.

So why did they start fighting? Well, nobody really knows what causes troglodytes to “take things outside,” as it were, but presumably they just aren’t civilized enough to be able to settle their problems like real men by talking it out. The video has already gone viral with almost 22,000 shares and 54,322 views throughout the world.

If there’s one thing people love to watch, it’s street brawls. It’s a sad fact of life but a true one nonetheless. So if you actually have nothing better to do today than watch some ridiculous street brawls online, you can check out the full video down below.