Not even 24 hours after being released from bond, 29- year-old Tennessee resident Timothy Batts gave a eulogy for his slain daughter, Timea, as her accused shooter. She was 11. And this comes nine days after her passing.

Batts, who is charged with reckless manslaughter and tampering with evidence, was able to make bond through his family’s fundraising.081416-national-timothy-battsHe claims he shot Timea thinking she was a trespasser in his home, though the only problem with his testimony is that there is video surveillance showing Batts on the phone just minutes before the incident.

According to the report, Timothy said he ‘never pictured life’ without his daughter. The funeral, which was held at Mt. Zion Baptist Church, features Timothy reading a poem, releasing doves, and asking his family in attendance for forgiveness.

Batts’ poem read:

‘Since the day you were born I never pictured life without you.

“I hear you saying, ‘I’m at a better place’ but I’d give anything for another chance to see your smiling face. I love you forever until we meet again.

Forgive me for all of my sins and let me start all over again,’ Batts said. ‘When I can’t breathe no more, heaven please let me in.

Every tear I shed, wash it with my soul cause I’ll see my baby Timea again where the streets are made of gold.”timea18n-1-web-1Batt’s Uncle, who also spoke at the funeral, remarked on how much Timea enjoyed school and comforted those in attendance saying, “This is not a mistake. He don’t take the babies for no reason. God has a plan. God knows exactly what he’s doing.”

Among the litter of uncertainty surrounding this case, one thing is for sure: we need to seriously consider whether regulation of firearms needs to be harsher, so incidents like these don’t happen again.