Fox News Anchor Suggests Bow Wow Could Get Killed for Threatening President Trump’s Wife

Writing a controversial tweet about the cheeto’s wife was definitely a smart thing for Bow Wow to do despite it drawing the ire of dumbass cheeto supporters. As previously reported, Snoop Dogg’s hit single “Lavender” depicts him aiming a gun at the oompa loompa before inevitably firing it at him.

After the orangutan criticized him on twitter for this, Bow Wow came to his defense, tweeting, “Ayo @realDonaldTrump shut your punk ass up talking shit about my uncle Snoop Dogg before we pimp your wife and make her work for us.” Of course, he probably didn’t expect this, but what do you expect when you marry a whore?


Then, some idiot Fox News anchor, Kimberly Guilfoyle, recently suggested that these recent comments made by Bow Wow might could cost him his life, but apparently he’s forgotten that this is not Russia and, as such, we do actually have something called freedom of speech here. The topic came up on the network’s show, The Five.

After one panelist referred to Bow Wow as “tiny shaft, sad, little bitch and Lil Weenie,” he then asked the panel what the secret service should in response to these tweets. And of course the bimbo responded, “Kill them, kill them.”  Bow has since responded to these absurd ramblings, saying, “I just came for the comments.

What I said was a tasteless joke. You were not joking? Kill us? Nah bitch kill yourself.” Kim isn’t the only idiot to criticize him. Just recently, Huckabee said, “Melania Trump is a beautiful classy, lady and the attacks on her, they’re obscene.” Needless to say, he needs to stop smoking pot before he goes on TV (or better yet,  just stay off TV altogether).

He later added, “Poop Dogg has nephew named Bow Wow; both bad dogs who advocate murder and sex slavery for POTUS and first lady; who let the dogs out?” So, as you can see, he’s an idiot who can’t even string together a complete sentence.