The wait seemed “Endless,” but Frank Ocean has taken a page from Beyonce’s handbook, surprising us with a new 45-minute long visual album.frank-ocean-endless-01-960x640If you’ve been living anywhere but planet earth, new music from Frank Ocean has been highly anticipated since his debut album, “Channel Orange”.

Earlier this month, Ocean mysteriously live live streamed from a warehouse on his website, working on a project as instrumentals played in the background.

Fans speculated that an album was coming and news outlets reported that the album would be released on August 5th. The date came and went and no music, or Frank Ocean, was in sight—that is until late night Thursday.

The livestream returned to life and Frank Ocean reappeared and could be seen working on the structure he began building weeks ago.

Instead of hearing the instrumentals, there was a full album this time around.

Ocean is credited as director, executive producer and creative director for the black and white visual piece, which shows him in the warehouse building a spiral staircase in the middle of the room.

If fans listened closely to the first live stream, the same instrumentals made it onto the “Endless” album.

The album is not shy of features, as the singer collaborated with an array of diverse musicians like Radiohead’s Jonny Greenwood, James Blake, Jazmine Sullivan, British R&B vocalist Sampha and producer Arca. The album also includes cellos, violins, double basses and violas from London Contemporary Ochestra, conducted by Robert Ames.

An Apple rep confirmed to Pitchfork that fans should “keep an eye out this weekend for more from Frank.” Could that mean that “Endless” is just a tease for the album we’ve all been dreaming of?

Will Boys Don’t Cry ever see the light of day?

Watch “Endless” here and check out the track list below.


01 Device Control
02 At Your Best (You Are Love) (Isley Brothers cover)
03 Alabama
04 Mine
05 U-N-I-T-Y
06 Ambience 001: “In a Certain Way”
07 Commes Des Garcons
08 Ambience 002: “Honeybaby”
09 Wither
10 Hublots
11 In Here Somewhere
12 Slide on Me
13 Sideways
14 Florida
15 Deathwish (ASR)
16 Rushes
17 Rushes To
18 Higgs