The Game’s Manager Wack 100 Calls Rick Ross a Character

Apparently, Rick Ross and Birdman are notorious for having some kind of beef, although the nature of said beef remains unclear at the moment. Now, Wack 100, the manager of The Game, has made it pretty clear who’s side he’s on in this rivalry. He recently called out the Miami rapper for getting involved in their issues.

Rick’s new album, Better You Than Me, contains a new track called “Idols Become Rivals” where he disses Birdman for conducting some bad business. Allegedly, he raps, “You would give us self-esteem and motivate our drive/But was in our pocket by the time we count to five/I pray you find the kindness in your heart for Wayne.


His entire life he gave you what that was the game/I watched that whole debacle so I’m part to blame/Last request: can all producers please get paid.” Of course, Birdman has since responded to this diss track, saying “I don’t get caught up in hoe shit, man. I just keep doing what I’m doing and keep pushing.

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I don’t get caught up in that, I don’t play like that. I’m a man and I stand my ground and I do my thing. Numbers don’t lie, and that’s all I give a fuck about: numbers, and putting them up.” It seems Wack 100 concurs with this sentiment as he posted in the comment section of this post where he had the following to say.


“Hoe shit is getting involved in other men’s bidness. Last I checked that’s CMYMB bidness whatever the bidness may be…#Wayne my niggas #Stunna My nigga they family before we’re fans and whatever there going through is there bidness period. Ross don’t even know he wasn’t even a rapper when those contracts were signed. Niggas is characters.” His atrocious spelling aside, he does make a good point.