Gameshow Unfortunately Ends After Contested Face Plants & Ends Up Topless

You’ve probably heard of some weird gameshows before, but this one probably takes the cake. It’s not clear what gameshow this is or what country this is taking place in, but regardless, it’s pretty amusing to watch if you’ve never seen it before. This game show is unfortunately brought to an end after one of the contestants has an unfortunate mishap.

Now, this footage has surfaced online for the whole world to see. In the video, you can see a beautiful girl saying something into the mic. It seems the sound isn’t working, for some reason or another, in this video, so it’s not clear what exactly she’s saying, but it’s what happens afterwards that actually makes the video worth watching.


Actually, we’re just receiving word that the name of the show is Panico Na Band. That translates to panic, and it’s a Brazilian  gameshow currently in the middle of its fourth season. So, anyway, we then see her going down a slip and slide holding what appears to be a rubber chicken. Shen then goes flying into a kiddie pool.

As she goes flying into the pool, her bikini tops comes flying off. Unfortunately, we don’t actually get to see her boobs, but it’s still pretty funny to watch. It’s not clear what exactly the rules of this gameshow are or what they might win, but it seems like a pretty fun show if it involves slip and slides and rubber chickens.

So if you’re interested in watching a gameshow that features high flying amusement, look no further than this one. Where else would you see get to see a girl fly through the air with a rubber chicken and land topless in a kiddie pool? When it comes to wild and whacky gameshows, this is about as good as it gets. You can check out the footage right here.