Gilbert Arenas Reveals He’s More Than Okay Despite Rumors About Being Broke

Gilbert Arenas just recently confirmed that his $111 million NBA contract will end at the end of a month and he’d have to be changing his substantial financial lifestyle. However, the former Washington Wizards player now says differently, after he was seen flaunting thousands and thousands of hidden cash on Snapchat this Monday night.


After TMZ Sports broke the story that Arenas would be living on interest, and as a result of that he’d stop sending his children to private school, he decided to make sure people know he’s not actually broke.

Screenshot taken from Gilbert Arenas' Snapchat account.

Gilbert posted a video of his own on Snapchat, showing off his kids playing around with thousands of dollars in cash. He then was bragging that he’s “hiding” it from the mother of his children, Laura Govan.

The 34-year-old suggested via the social media app that he has been hiding his money from Govan, because “lucky” for him, “child support in Cali is based off income made not income (HAVE).”


Screenshot taken from Gilbert Arenas' Snapchat account.

Gilbert also showed off his kids’ safety deposit boxes, filled with cash, and said they’re “gold digger proof.”

The athlete also advised Govan to maybe start selling her “pussy” since she now has “private school to pay for.”

Arenas and Govan share three children together and have publicly been attacking each other in ruthless manner for years about their kids, child support and parenting.

Govan has not responded to Gilbert’s recent online attacks, yet.


Back in 2015, Gilbert Arenas also filed a lawsuit against his ex-fiancee, Laura Govan. He claimed she had leaked an email exchange between the two to multiple media outlets, in which she wrote  “When I left you, it was because I couldn’t take the STDs.”

Arenas reportedly requested to be awarded more than $1 million at the start of the suit.

Arenas reportedly did not get the million dollars he wanted at the beginning of the suit, however a judge ordered Govan to pay Arenas $110,100. It was a default judgement and the payment was ordered as a result of Gilbert Arenas’ “emotional distress.”