Girl Does The Old Sniff Test On Her Cheeseburger Before Date Night!

Ah, Valentine’s Day – the day of love. Birds are chirping in the air, people are holding heart-shaped balloons everywhere, and it seems like everyone you know is going on a date. Of course, if you’re going on a date on such a special day, you have to make sure that you’re at your best – and that goes for every single part of you. So the girl in this video had the right idea when she decided to use an old standard before her evening with the man of her dreams – the sniff test.


In the video captured by a hidden camera, a girl dressed up in a nice-looking white and black outfit is waiting for her date to come. It looks like her date is taking a little while, so she takes a quick look around to make sure nobody’s watching, and then she shoves her hand down her “cheeseburger” and gives her hand a little sniff. It doesn’t look like she has a strong reaction to the scent, so we’re taking that as a sign that she’s good to go.

It seems a little bit crass, but we don’t blame the lady. It is the month of love after all – and if she knows she’s getting some that night, then it’s best that she gets ready for whatever might happen. Better that she get a little down and dirty now than her night end early because something goes wrong in the bedroom.

If you have a hot date this Valentine’s night, then it might not be a bad idea to do some testing yourself. Besides, the sniff test is a versatile thing you can use for basically anything, not just checking if your cheeseburger is fresh enough for your date. Is this spoiled milk still good to drink? Are you going down on someone? Are these boxers still good to wear tomorrow? Use the sniff test!