Girlfriend And Homeboy Jump In With Brutal Head Kicks And Stomps!

Because black guys can’t help but beat lay some kicks on each other, we have yet another incident of a fight breaking out somewhere in the US (and if you’re keeping count, that now makes three in just one day. Just take a minute to think about how insane that is.) And of course the video has since gone viral with over 43,000 hits in less than 24 hours.

So the video kicks off as we see a guy walking in what appears to be some sort of housing complex with some sort of beeping noise in the background. The camera then pans to the left to show us another guy, and the two begin squaring off. They start punching each other, and this eventually leads to them fighting on the ground.


Eventually, one of them gets the upper hand and puts him in a chokehold which leads to the spectators telling him to let him go. They then both get up and resume the fight on their feet. This also eventually leads to them fighting on the ground with one guy saying, “bitch, come here” as he continually punches him.

Then his apparent girlfriend and some other guy join as they repeatedly lay some head kicks on the guy while he’s on the ground and you can hear one of them saying “put your face up” (and, no, I have no idea what that means). Eventually, the guy is able to get up and leave and says, “I’m from Elaine, nigger” as he walks away (no idea what that means, either).

It’s not clear what started the fight or where this is even transpiring, but it must have been something important if it led to an all-out brawl on the grass. Hopefully, though, they’ll be able to eventually bury the hatchet and move on so we don’t have to keep watching this utter ridiculousness.