Here’s Everything We Learned From Cam’Ron’s Live Stream About Jim Jones Beef

If there’s one feud that’s managed to capture the attention of the entire rap world, it’s the beef between Jim Jones and Cam’Ron with both rappers taking turns airing their personal grievances about the other. It all started when Jim Jones stopped by Hot 97 to talk to Funkmaster Flex about his issues with Cam’Ron.

Now it seems Cam’Ron is ready to tell his side of the story via a live stream on Instagram, and here’s everything we learned from that live stream. The first thing he said was that Ma$e was the one who taught Jones how to rap, saying, “Ma$e was like, ‘Yo, Jomo, if we gonna be with you, learn how to rhyme.”

He then mentioned that Jones didn’t get him out of his record deal. He said, “Luca had most of the niggas. Luca has 20-25 niggas, but you know how Jim makes it seem like he grabbed a bunch of niggas and they went down there, nah, Luca Brasi grabbed them niggas. He then began discussing the infamous Rucker Park Fight.


He explains that he had nothing to do with that fight. He then goes on to claim that Jim tried to start a fake beef between them, saying “He was like, ‘Yo, Cam, let’s act like we got beef.” He responded, “Why would we act like we got beef? All we gonna do is confuse the fans and make them pick sides. That don’t even make sense.”

He also trademarked the name Byrdgang unbeknownst to Jim. The beef started when he created those “Tricky Ricky” shirts. He also said, “I never did no paperwork with Jim. Me and Juelz had paperwork, Juelz was signed to me. Me and Jim never did a deal, ever. I never made him sign papers. He’s my man.” To learn everything that we learned, you can check out all of part 3 right here and the first two parts are above.