When Ice Cube’s Friday debuted in 1995, I’m sure no one at the time foresaw the cultural impact it would have, even after two decades.

Friday, whose original cast featured the likes of Ice Cube, Chris Tucker and Nia Long, cannot be brought up in casual conversation without namedropping your favorite scenes followed by side-splitting laughter and tears.

Its mass appeal made it an instant classic, prompting Cube, who also wrote and directed the film, to make two more sequels, and understandably so.

But earlier today, after rumors of a fourth film as well as false posters, Ice Cube, via his Twitter account, officially put all rumors to bed saying “Cant mess with a classic,” as he shot down the fake poster.

The rumored installment, falsely titled Last Friday, was to cast Ice Cube’s son O’shea Jackson, who made his acting debut in the 2016 film Straight Out of Compton playing his dad, and internet sensation and Wildn’ Out cast member DC Young Fly, who has a dead-on Smokey (from original Friday film)  impersonation.

All good things come to an end, which unfortunately holds true with the Friday franchise. Whats encouraging to see is that even after 20 years, a movie can make an impact on an generation that from a completely different era.

After seeing the creative posters, the movie title name and even the casting done, it’s hard to imagine Ice Cube being too upset. Can’t blame a bunch of kids being so inspired by a film that they want to make a squeal themselves.