It was certainly all good just a week ago, and we’re pretty sure if Robert Griffin III could turn back the hands of time, he certainly would. Most likely all the way to 2012 when he won the NFL Rookie of the Year, NFL Offensive Rookie of the Year and voted to go to the Pro Bowl. But in a matter of a week, RGIII has went from proclaiming that he was the best QB in the league to not even being the best QB on his team, as the Washington Redskins named Kirk Cousins their starting quarterback with Colt McCoy penciled in at number 2 on the depth chart.

Even though head coach Jay Gruden stated Griffin’s future is with the Redskins, how can you keep an injury-prone QB on your roster when he’s guaranteed $16M if he gets injured. Now the easy answer is he stays on the team because that meddling owner of theirs, Daniel Snyder, is just smitten by the kid, no matter how bad Gruden and his football minds want the running quarterback with a cannon out of D.C.; but how who’s going to trade him? Should the Redskins just release him? Why keep player that’s just going to bring so much distraction and unwanted attention?

Something has to give. There were reports that Mike Shannan, the guy that gave ups treasure chest for Griffin, wasn’t happy with Griffin’s study habits and was concerned that RGIII was a little too focused on his personal brand than anything else. But what will be Griffin’s brand if doesn’t play? Is there any coach or team in the league that is willing to take a chance on Griffin? a $16M guarantee for next season on your roster perhaps? Maybe Belichick?

This could possibly be the end of Robert Griffin III. Especially is the New York Jets who always in the need for a franchise quarterback. Or even their divisional rivals, the Buffalo Bills and head coach Rex Ryan. Only time will tell where Griffin will go. Either way, it’ll be interesting to see.