While being influenced by legendary Southern Hip Hop artists like Scarface and UGK, Texas native, J’Moris knew it was time to leave his imprint on the Hip Hop industry and wanted to do so with the release of his EP, Moris Better: The Hangover. With these six songs, which ostensibly double as narrative adventures, J’Moris takes his listeners on a mesmerizing journey deep into the swerved recesses of Texas Hip Hop and the outer limits of its candy-painted culture, presenting a startling vision of its past and exciting future.

J’Moris, a rousing raconteur, adventurer, and expert on the experiential use of the genre’s rigid blueprint as laid out by his predecessors, looks to become the next legend from Texas in Hip Hop. Moris Better:The Hangover finds the rapper at his absolute best when he molds the production to his liking and splashing the sonics with novel vocal quirks as he combines witty lyrics with his southern style and East Coast bravado.

While his EP is a small sample size and may lack as a comprehensive look at J’Moris’ oeuvre up to this point, but it never feels like he’s trying to shortchange the listener and certainly makes up for it by weeding out the studio experiments and savoring his most potent ideas. And this isn’t the end; it’s only the beginning of a brand new chapter.

Take a Listen to Moris Better:The Hangover below: