Kim Kardashian Armed Robbery Just Got A MAJOR Plot Twist

No, Kim Kardashian Armed Robbery is not the name of the newest murder mystery book to hit shelves this week. As it happens, this is a real life plot twist. You remember how Kim Kardashian was the victim of a horrendous armed robbery pretty recently? Well, now the authorities believe this crime to be an inside job.

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Her chauffeur Michael Madar, 40, and his younger brother Gary Madar, 27, were reportedly taken into custody earlier this week. According to reports, they both are employed by the same company. These two were among the 17 who were arrested  this week in connection with the robbery. Among the many things stolen was her 20-carat diamond engagement ring.

The two brothers frequently visited Antwerp, the diamond capital, where unsourced items would often change hands for millions with no one the wiser, “It’s a town where jewelry can be sold with no questions asked” said one source, “The men know the industry inside and out and may well know exactly where the ring went.” I think it’s safe to say no one saw that twist coming.

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The very distinctive Lorraine Schwartz ring just so happens to be engraved with the word “Adidas,” as requested by Kanye West. It’s unclear why he chose that word specifically, but these developments only strengthen the theory that the robbery was, in fact, an inside job, and that the burglars were aware of exactly where Kim Kardashian would be at any moment of the day.


The authorities believe that a man named Pierre B, 72, who was arrested after the officers broke down the gate of his villa in Placassier, was the ringleader of this operation. A police source said, “The oldest suspect is 72, while others are in their 50’s and 60’s. All are well known to the police.” The investigation is still ongoing, and a lot is still unclear, but we expect to hear more in the coming weeks.