Mike Tyson Records DISS TRACK Aimed At Soulja Boy (VIDEO)

As we have reported on The Sickest things between Soulja boy and Chris Brown are getting increasingly intense. We are fast approaching the date the pair are supposed to be fighting.

The two have had a fair few heated exchanges but now none-other-than boxing legend “Iron” Mike Tyson has joined in the verbal sparring. Is this a knockout blow from the former world champion?


This past weekend Tyson posted a picture of himself on Twitter that claimed he was “dropping heat” I’m not sure he can pull off that phrase. But I’m not going to be the one to tell him that!


The heat that Tyson was reference can be heard on the video below. It’s a diss track (yep you read that right) produced by Damon Elliott. It goes by the title “If You Show

Allegedly Chris Brown is going to add verses to the piece and they are going to produce a video. It’s actually not completely terrible. But hey, you guys have a listen and you can judge for yourself.

Tyson decided to get involved in the feud after getting an invite from 50 cent to help train Brown. 50 was apparently annoyed at Floyd Mayweather for volunteering to train Soulja Boy.

Tyson wasn’t just content with being in Brown’s corner he’s also apparently willing to get involved with the verbal side of things as well. With the lyrics in the track “It’s going down” sounding something like “If you show up, it’s going down, I’m gonna teach him how to knock your ass out.”

Although an official date hasn’t been put in place for the bout it is thought to be taking place in March. With all the hype that has gone into it, it would be a massive disappointment if it ended up not happening.