Model Claims She Makes Thousands Of Dollars A Day Sleeping With Men She Met On Instagram!

In today’s news of internet fuckery, we have a case of an Instagram model/hustler capitalizing off of her physical looks, and (presumably) miserable middle-aged white men. This ‘model’ has been claiming that she is in fact making a fortune off of her solo business, which includes her offering intimacy to the aforementioned miserables.

Apparently, she figured her vulnerability could make her some quick cash; so she started going on dates and ‘sleeping’ with rich dudes. I’m not sure in what context sleeping is, since the footage doesn’t provide any proof she’s actually having sex with these men.


However, the video has a strong opening where you can see one of the men groping on her boobs as he stares into the camera in the most awkward face ever. No really, peep the video below and you’ll notice. His face screams “HELP ME!!!!”

A quick glance at dude’s face and you’ll realize this woman is a mastermind for knowing which crowd to entertain.

Technically, this is not that special once you realize it’s essentially prostitution. But I think there’s a catch as she’s the one that chooses her customers instead of the other way around.

And with that in mind, you must admit she has great taste. The luxury she offers these bland stupid people, is paying off to say the least.


In the video, she shows a few cars and a house that without a doubt let you know she’s been climbing up the social ladder without many difficulties.

Although, who’s to say that spending the night with men like the one we see in the first clip isn’t mentally challenging. But hey, some of you go through far more tougher emotional and physical difficulties to make way less than she does. Life’s messed up, ain’t it?

Peep the video below, for the hilarious stare in the first few seconds, and the obvious stunting by the model — showing off her newest pink BMW i8 and her prestigious looking house. Kudos to her.