With cameras rolling at his post-match press conference on Sunday, UFC welterweight Nate Diaz shamelessly nursed his own loss with a vape and some good ol’ CBD, also known as marijuana oil extract.

Irish signee Conor McGregor had just defeated Diaz in a tight match after the judges’ majority ruling (48-47, 47-47, 48-47), and the fighter knew exactly what he needed to cope.

Diaz began by contesting the judges’ decision. When the press pushed Diaz, declaring that he actually didn’t win officially, the MMA fighter simply disagreed: “Oh, I won.”

Probably due to the dozens of hits that Diaz took during the interview, however, he didn’t seem too troubled about the supposed injustice. Rather, he went on to offer details on his smoking paraphernalia, recommending in particular Tru’s CBD Vaporizer.

“You want to get this before or after fights, training, and make your life a better place,” Diaz advised the crowd. “It helps with the healing process, information, and stuff like that.”

It remains unclear what “information” the fighter is referring to, but the point is, it’s apparently a high-quality product. And judging by Diaz’s progressively more confusing responses throughout the press conference, it appears to work wonders.

Nate’s brother Nick Diaz hasn’t had as much luck when it comes to his use of weed in the UFC world. Last September, he was suspended from fighting for five years when he tested positive for marijuana prior to UFC 183.

Unlike Nick, Nate knows the official rules. As long as one remains clean for the drug test just before and after matches, the athlete receives no penalty. After testing, however, fighters are free to light up—or vape, in this case—all they want. And who knows! Maybe they’ll be lucky enough to use the pen-shaped Tru tool that Diaz himself finds particularly special.