New York Mom Accidentally Receives HUGE AMOUNT of Free Weed Instead of Children’s Toys

Working from home can be pretty fun until things start to go awry. That’s what happened to one New York mother. Pamela Marks reviews children’s products online but recently she received something that wasn’t so kid friendly. She claims a California-based toy company sent her a package that contained 7 pounds of weed.

For the non-potheads out there, that’s a lot of weed. “I was able to smell it” she told ABC affiliate KABC-TV, “I knew something was up right away.”Marks operates a blog about kid’s clothes and toys, so you can imagine her surprise when 7 pounds of weed showed up at her door in lieu of the kid’s toys she ordered.


Rather than getting high, she quickly notified the authorities. Law enforcement has since confiscated the package and are currently investigating the matter. “I think I’ve opened probably about 3,500 packages” she said, “So one of out of every 3,5000 should be something strange, I guess.”

She alleges the package came from a Santa Monica-based toy company known as JAKKS Pacific. Representatives from the company have announced they, too, are investigating the situation, “The company is taking this very seriously, and we are conducting an investigation to determine the facts behind this matter” they said in a statement.

What makes this so crazy is it’s not even the first time something like this has occurred. Back in 2014, a woman in Washington DC claimed she received a package that contained over 9 pounds of weed. She, like Marks, also reported it to the authorities, and apparently someone actually paid $85 to ship that marijuana.

Delmario Henry was later arrested in connection with this incident and is now facing two drug-related charges. So is there some secret society replacing all our toys with weed? I doubt it but, hopefully, they’ll be able to get this whole situation straightened out pretty soon, and she’ll get the toys she ordered.