The three chapters of Yohann Diniz’s shitstorm of an Olympic story are as follows: he had a comfortable lead in his 50 km race, he pooped his pants, he crossed the finish line in seventh place.

The French race walker (yes, race walking is a real Olympic sport) is not only the world record holder for the 50 km race, but for the 50,000 meter race as well, having won many a world championship. His Olympic luck, however, has been pretty dismal.

In 2008, he failed to finish the 50 km race, and in 2012, he was disqualified in London. In 2016, just when things were looking up for the 38-year-old walker, he made a bit of a mess for himself.

This Friday, Diniz was on his way to another gold with a 90-second lead more than halfway through a 50 km race when “intestinal difficulties” arrived in place of a final sprint–or walk.

Spectators, coaches, and commentators (yes, this even was aired on live television) alike noticed the mess beginning to accumulate down Diniz’s legs around 30 km in, as he began to stuff wet sponges down his pants to ameliorate the problem and his humiliation.

Unfortunately, it didn’t do the trick.

Five kilometers later, he stopped to take a breather and subsequently fell to the ground. One by one, six of his fellow competitors passed the downtrodden leader, moving Diniz into seventh place before he was able to rise again and finish the final 15 km.race-walker-collapsed_kanxxbWith a final time of six minutes behind gold medalist Matej Toth of Slovakia, the world-record holder crossed the finish line, completing his first non-disqualified race at the Olympics.

Maybe Diniz should rethink any plan of going to Tokyo in 2020. Who knows what kind of shit could transpire at a fourth Olympic Games…