Hip-Hop and basketball has always gone hand in hand.

When the Philadelphia 76ers legend and now hall of fame inductee, Allen Iverson, came out with the Answer 5’s (A5) in 2001, he enlisted Jadakiss not only to drop some fluid 16’s for the commercial, but to appeal to the market that both Allen and the LOX emcee resonated with so effortlessly.

If you haven’t seen the iconic spot, you need to stop what you’re right now doing and watch it below!

If you’re a 80s/90s baby – that may have brought back a ton of memories from your respective hoop dreams phase. Don’t worry – we didn’t make the league either.

Fast forward to 2016 and the A5’s are making a highly anticipated comeback.

Not only is Jadakiss part of the marketing campaign, but the latest AI x Reebok release is actually named after him!

Sadly, the Jadakiss A5’s drop until August 12th, but that isn’t stopping us from appreciating their beauty.

Check them out for yourself:


The design team over at Reebok did an awesome job with the rework!

We’re definitely feeling the color scheme and timeless structure.

The smokey grey / black  and hints of red definitely take us back that iconic 2001 commercial we shared with you at the top.


Jadakiss is not the only rapper that Reebok has reached out to. Dirty Sprite rapper, Future and the shoe brand have also collaborated recently.

Reebok is definitely capitalizing on the relationship between hip-hop and street wear, and I ain’t mad at it!

We’ll definitely be keeping an eye on them this year!