Scott Storch Files for Divorce, His Reason For Why He Got Married Is INSANE

Mega Producer Scott Storch famous for producing some of today’s biggest hip-hop and pop hits may be signing up for the new season of Marriage Boot Camp very soon. Storch is currently in the process of getting his six year marriage to his wife, Christina Gray annulled.

The actual reason behind why Scott Storch wants to divorce his wife of six years is even more hilarious. Apparently, both Storch and Gray were highly inebriated at the time they made their nuptials back on June 7th, 2012 and according to Storch they were “not of sound mind.”


TMZ reported that Storch actually wanted a divorce just 24 hours after the couple tied the knot and knew immediately he had made a mistake. Wow, what was it that made Storch take six years to finally say it’s over? According to sources, the two have not hardly spoken in the past six years. The reason why Storch wasn’t able to file for divorce from Gray so soon could be due to the fact that he was too busy filing for bankruptcy after losing his $30 million fortune.

Scott Scorch made music news headlines back in 2015 after he filed for bankruptcy claiming that he went from a whopping $30 million to just $100 cash. Storch claimed that he blew $30 million of his fortune on drugs, cars, houses and other frivolous things. At the time, Storch filed for bankruptcy back in 2015, he reported that he only had a total of $3,600 in his possession which included a watch, $500 worth of clothing and $100 cash money.

Scott Storch who is a native of Staten Island, N.Y. is known for producing big hits including “Still D.R.E.” by Dr. Dre, “Lean Back” by the Terror Squad, “Don’t Say Nuthin'” by The Roots and many others.

We hope everything works out with Storch so he can hurry up and get back to doing what he does best, making hits!