Smart Ass Little Dude Drops Guy Much Bigger Than Him!

Because we can’t go a single day in this country without someone getting into a tussle, we have another fight between a couple of guys on the basketball court where this guy drops someone twice his size. It’s not clear what started the fight, but it seems to get pretty intense at certain parts. And, because it wouldn’t be a fight without spectators, there are plenty of them.

The video starts with the two guys preparing to fight each other, and you can clearly see one of them is much bigger than the other. The smaller guy strikes first, punching him in the face and knocking the guy back, but he maintains his balance. They then began circling each other as they ready themselves to continue fighting.


They then start going at it as people start gathering around them to witness the spectacle. You can see the basketball hoop in the background. After lots of punching, they once again begin circling each other ready to strike again. After a lot of circling, they start going at it again in front of what appears to be the bleachers as onlookers watch from afar.

After a while, we see the smaller guy just walk away as he drops other guy and he gets knocked to the ground. The bigger guy gets up clearly ready to resume the brawl but, nevertheless, the smaller guy continues walking away. It’s not clear why he was content to just walk away. I guess he just didn’t want to fight anymore.

The video has since gone viral with over 54,000 hits in just a couple of days. It’s not clear whether either of them intends on pressing charges, but we haven’t heard anything about that thus far. So it seems as if the battle won’t be taken to court. If you’re interesting in seeing the battle for yourself, head over to their website and see it for yourself.