Snoop Dogg Has a Mini Me in ‘Super Crip’ Video – XXL

Snoop Dog doesn’t need to play Dr. Evil, because he already has his “one million dollars,” and now it seems that the iconic West Coast rapper has his own “mini me” as well.

WestFestTV via YouTube

Snoop Doggy Dogg has released yet another video from his extremely popular album, 2016’s “Coolaid.” This time the legendary has released a video for the hot track “Super Crip.”


No there is no “Donald Trump clown” being shot at by Snoop Dog, but there is something else that is also a “little” controversial. There is a Snoop impersonator, that also happens to be half his size, and a little person.

In the video, the D. O. Double G confronts his notorious gang banger past back in California. Snoop is represented by a little person wearing his now iconic Dickies and corn rows.

The video then descends into a comic book universe, in which Snoop and his mini doppelganger go on a gang bangaing escapade, all while Snoop drops some serious lyrics: “Big Snoop in this bitch, get it crackin’/Dickies creased up and they saggin’/Gat in the right side, left side flag/Niggas running at the lip again/Got me feelin’ I’ma trip again/And you thought I wasn’t listenin’/Bitches talking shit, got me walkin’ like a Crip again.”

Now, though this “Super Crip” video is sensational, it is nothing compared to trhe stir that the rapper created in his “lavender” video, in which Snoop intimates that he would like to pull a firearm on the newly elected 45th President of the United States.


The controversy’s flames were fanned by Donald Trump and his favorite form of communication, Twitter: “Can you imagine what the outcry would be if @SnoopDogg, failing career and all, had aimed and fired the gun at President Obama? Jail time!”

The king of cool hip hop has announced that he will soon be releasing a new album entitled “Never Left,” and fans cannot wait!