Snoop Dogg is one rapper who doesn’t stray from voicing his opinions on the Internet, especially when it comes to his unabashed love for marijuana.

On Wednesday (Aug. 16), Snoop took to his Instagram to briefly rant about the NFL’s support of gun ownership and not marijuana:

NFL. Holla at me

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The hot topic was discussed at length on ESPN First Take with Stephen A. Smith, Max Kellerman, and Damien Woody. According to the sports program, the NFL is taking major steps to inform players on how to be responsible gun owners. This year the league reportedly went as far as instructing players on when and how to use their weapons. We all recall what happened to Plaxico Burress, right?

“So the NFL want to give players rights to carry guns but won’t give them the rights to smoke weed?” Snoop said in the NSFW clip.

“They already violent as fuck playing football. Give them something to turn them down: Weed! We should say motherf-cking marijuana is legal, not f-cking guns, you goofy ass motherf-ckers.”

According to USA Today, three out of four NFL players own a gun whereas marijuana use is highly frowned upon. Most recently, Bills star Marcell Dareus was suspended for the first four season of the impending NFL season due to a failed drug test—and Snoop firmly disagrees with it.

“Marijuana calms a motherfucker down,” Snoop continued on in his rant. “Guns turn a motherfucker up. Nothing goes right with guns.”

“NFL, y’all stupid as f-ck. Man, get at me about fixing this sh-t. How y’all gonna clear guns but don’t clear motherf-ckin’ marjuana?”

In light of the recent mass shootings inflicting this country, the rapper surely has a point. But while the subject of marijuana use in the NFL will continue to be a hot topic we’ll leave the blazing to the Snoop.