Ready for some hip hop that is different from the rest? Money Karlo has that with his new record “Smash.” Money Karlo is not here for love, he isn’t interested in being your love, your man and certainly not your friend. He is interested in one situation and one situation only, but hey Everybody needs one right?

This is not a slow groove. This pop based record is bouncy and catchy and you may find it being caught in your head weather you like it or not. It reminds you more of the fun records we once enjoyed from Outkast.
Money Karlo has produced records for some of today’s biggest artists including Nicki Minaj, Snoop Dog, The Game and more. Now, as he focuses on the artist side of things, he presents his second offering Pandemic Music which is available on iTunes now.

Keep up with Money Karlo on Twitter and IG: @MoneyKarlo