FLORHAM PARK, N.J. — New York Jets star cornerback Darrelle Revis, who will have surgery Tuesday to repair a torn ACL in his left knee, predicted Monday he will return to his elite level for the 2013 season.

“Once I get back to 100 percent, to me there’s no question I (will) be back to where I was,” Revis said, commenting for the first time since suffering the season-ending injury three weeks ago in Miami.

But Revis, 27, acknowledged he will have to prove himself to the organization before landing a long-term contract extension. He’s signed through 2013, and there’s a clause in his current deal that prohibits the Jets from using the franchise tag.

“I’m sure it might raise people’s eyebrows with how I’m going to look when I come back,” he said. “I’m OK with that. I wouldn’t expect anything less. I just know I work hard and I’m going to treat it like any other offseason.”

The Jets had planned to re-sign Revis before the 2013 season — he signed a four-year, $46 million contract at the start of the 2010 season — but the injury could complicate matters. Revis declined to speculate on his future, saying he wants to focus on getting healthy.

The surgery will be performed by Russell Warren, the New York Giants’ team doctor. The doctors will replace the ACL with a patellar tendon graft. Revis said he should be jogging in 12 to 16 weeks. He didn’t want to comment on when he expected to get back to football activities, but it generally takes six to nine months.

Revis, researching the injury, said he has spoken to a number of athletes who experienced ACL tears, including Adrian Peterson, Donovan McNabb and teammates Antonio Cromartie and Sione Po’uha. He was hurt in a non-contact play against the Dolphins as he tried to defend a screen pass in the open field.

“It felt like somebody had a knife and stuck it through my knee,” he said. “That’s the feeling I got from trying to make the cut. It’s crazy because I’ve made that cut a thousand million times. Looking at it on film, it didn’t look like much. I guess it was meant to happen.”