Soulja Boy & Bow Wow Announce Joint Album, Claim It’s Next “Watch The Throne”

This is what everyone was waiting for, right? This is the what the streets have been begging years for – a collaborative effort from the mutli-talented Bow Wow and Soulja Boy. Well, even if those were not your exact sentiments, it’s apparently what we’re going to get.

This past weekend, long time friendenimies Bow and Soulja announced that they would be coming together to do an album together, and that it will be better than the 2011 Jay Z and Kanye classic Watch The Throne.


The new album, titled Ignorant S**** , it to debut on Apple Music next week and according to Bow Wow is not for they who are shallow in pocket.


It’s ironic, seeing that Bow Wow announced he was retiring from rap back in August, writing on twitter than he didn’t “see himself rapping at 30” and that his last album was going to be executively poduced by Snoop Dogg, and especially ironic seeing that Soulja’s last studio album, Better Late Than Never, came out this year and no one knows about it.

Maybe the joint album is promotion for future solo project for the two, but only time will tell. Until then I guess were due for some really ignorant s****.


  • This is a sign of the apocalypse. Or at least the beginning of the dark ages of hip-hop. Who knows if the culture/art form will ever be taken seriously again. SMDH